Random stuff heard around the house


Donald Duck Conversation

Rich: Do I have work clothes for tomorrow?

Me: I’ve got to do laundry but I know you have a work shirt in there so you’re good for one more day.

Rich: I have no pants though; I’m not Donald Duck – I think they’d have a problem with me going to work without pants.

Fancy Home and Technology Conversations

We were passing by this old greenhouse….

Me: Those are so neat; if I had a mansion I’d have a greenhouse like the one in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. I’d definitely have a pool, of course. Maybe a tennis court.

Rich: Nah, I wouldn’t.

Me: Oh, and definitely an indoor gym. Yeah, for sure.

Rich: As opposed to an outdoor prison gym? Who has an outdoor gym?

Me: I’m so going to post that on Heard at Home. I’ll send myself an email.

Rich: You can tell Siri to send a note, you know. You don’t use your phone right.

Me: Says the person who still uses AOL and Internet Explorer

Two Funny Email Conversations

Rich sends me a story about that guy leaving One Direction.

Me: You do know it’s One Republic I like, right?


Me: Can you print this? I am out of color ink, yo.

I sent it to Dr. Pepper (had a $5 gift card for Walmart) instead of Rich

Dr. Pepper: The coupon can be printed in black and white. If not, let us know and provide a mailing address.

Me: That was meant to go to my husband. I apologize for my unprofessional email.

Lifetime Movie Conversation

Me to Rich: I’m going to pour water all over you if you fall asleep again during the TV show.

Rich: You know what’ll happen if you do?

Me: You mean like a Lifetime movie type thing? Or some kind of regular thing?


Morning Movie Conversation

We had to be up rather early for an appointment so I was sitting in the living room, putting on my makeup when Rich came in.

Rich: What the hell are you watching? What is this?

Me: The Devil’s Due – a horror movie.

Rich: Why can’t you watch Al Roker and see the weather in New Mexico or something normal? Why are you watching a horror movie at 9:00 AM?

Me: Because there wasn’t a Lifetime movie on.

Not the Right P

We were putting some photos in a weekly themed batch on a group page on Facebook.

Rich: You could use the peacock and I’ll use the P51 Mustang from the air show.

later that night…….

Me: Where is the phone you want of the P51? I’m scrolling through them.

Rich: Slow down

Me: I’m not to the cars yet.

Rich: It’s not a car, you moron. It’s a plane.

Me: No wonder I couldn’t find it.

Lifetime Warning Conversation

Was talking to Mel about a guy she might like and I’ll have to change some of the conversation but here’s the gist of it.

Mel: Well, he does have some issues in his past.

Me: I’d go for it – just be cautious and all that.

Mel: I know, but he’s supposedly much better.

Me: Well, just don’t end up being a Lifetime movie.

2014 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Click here to see the complete report.

Apocalypse Stash Conversation

Me: You know when the ‘pocalypse comes, I’m eating all of this expensive tuna. (Genova Tonno)

Rich: No, we’ll have to give it to the cat when he runs out of food.

Me: What? We’ll have to eat the cat food!

Rich: I am not eating cat food.

Me: You will if you’re starving. Those people in One Second After ate grease out of the grease traps. (awesome book, by the way) Cat food is a step above!

Good Deeds Conversation

Tonight I decided to trim Swan’s hair (she’s a pekingese) and give her a bath. Due to her long hair, she tends to get knots so I tried to tackle one of those first, then she pooped on me while doing so.

Me to Rich: See what happens when you try to do something good for someone? You get sh*t on.

She’s a dog, not a someone human but you get the gist. Alas, this hair cutting will commence again tomorrow. By the way, I just trimmed her hair a few weeks ago.


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