Random stuff heard around the house

Restaurant Ramblings

So the other night we were at Longhorn’s having dinner and Rich starts bumping me. At the same time the waitress is asking me something so I couldn’t look. Besides, I didn’t want to stare.

Rich: Why didn’t you look?

Me: At what? I was talking to the waitress, what’d I miss?

Rich: The one time there is a guy in a short kilt you miss it.

Me: I missed a kilt wearing guy? What else? Was he wearing sandals? Besides, I didn’t want to whip my head around in case you were pointing out someone crippled or something.

Now I feel I must interject at this point. We do not point and stare at people with disabilities. One of my family members will, however. One time we had lunch and she pointed to a person with one of the neck brace things you have after surgery with all of the metal stuff. I was like, “M’kay, so?” but I digress.

Rich: Why would he have on sandals? I didn’t say he was a crossdresser, he had on a kilt.

Me: I didn’t mean that, I just wondered what shoes he had on with it.

Rich: Never mind.

Hey, it’s not my fault the waitress was overly nice and I didn’t want to whip my head around to look at something.



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