Random stuff heard around the house

Criminal Ramblings

The other day when we were going to the doggie party I woke up with my back hurting. I took a prescription I had with me in the truck so that I could take some after I ate. Well, by the time I ate something my back wasn’t hurting so I had left the pills in the truck. They’re in a different bottle.

Rich: What are those?

Me: My Tramadol.

Rich: What if we get stopped?

Me: Why? They’re not illegal.

Rich: And you call yourself a criminology major? You can’t have those in the truck in a different bottle. That’s illegal.

Me: OMG I wasn’t even thinking! There’s enough there for them to put me in jail for dealing. That’s like a dealer quantity.

So now I’m nervous all the way home just because I know they’re legal and all that but yeah, I had them in a different bottle because I combined them all and well, it could look suspicious. I made sure to take them out of the truck when I got home and put them away. I haven’t even taken one in I don’t know how long but there they were, all ready for me to be arrested for dealing drugs.

Criminology major fail.



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