Random stuff heard around the house

Free coffee conversation

I was talking to a really good friend the other day and she was telling me about a “date” she’d gone on.

Mel: So I went on a date for free coffee.

Me: I’d totally go out with a guy for free coffee at Starbucks.

Mel: Yeah, I got the big one and everything then said I had to get going.

Me: Hilarious!

Mel: I’m dating a hispanic guy

Me: Really? Cool. Do they have hispanics in Oregon?(me being funny because I tease her about Oregon; she’s from the south like myself)

Mel: Yeah a lot but I thought he was French. His name is Javier.

Me: How did you not know he was hispanic with the name Javier?

Mel: I just thought he was tan and I thought Javier was French.

Now mind you this is good natured banter and not racism. Mel is African American and I think hispanic guys are hot. I do think however, that my H2 would not be welcome in Oregon which is why I tease her about living there.



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