Random stuff heard around the house

Doggie Bully Conversations

Today I looked outside and Donner was rolling around on something pink and furry. No, it wasn’t a baby possum, it was a cute little doggie parka with a fur trim. Now we own no such doggie attire so I can only assume it was a gift.

Me: Donner found a pink doggie parka. I put it in the wash.

Rich: Where’d he get that?

Me: Maybe someone threw it over the fence although lord knows why. Are they trying to bling my dog?

Rich: I hope he didn’t yank it off one of the chihuahua’s out back. (they like to bark and try to get said small pups through the fence)

Me: Ha! I’m picturing them like, “Give me the jacket, bitch!”

I plan to take a picture of Swan in it for Christmas. It’s not like we can give it back and it washed up as pretty as new.



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