Random stuff heard around the house

Redneck Conversations

Tonight I go to put on my hoodie. I happen to love the New York Yankees and I have a rather urban hoodie that I love. Anyway, it reminded me of an incident a couple of years ago. Most of you know we have these rednecks that live behind us, where a privacy fence separates us. Rebel flag flying, N word useage, the works.

So a couple of years ago Swan dug out from under the fence and was in their yard, whining at our fence. Not the brightest, her. It’s freezing cold outside and rainy. To get to their yard I have to go all the way down the street and around the corner then cut through their yard from the back. It’s nighttime and I threw on said hoodie.

Me: I got Swan but I was frightened.

Rich: Why?

Me: I was in the rednecks’ yard at night with a NYC hoodie on. At any moment I expected them to come outside and shoot me for trespassing. I kept whispering her name. Plus it’s dark and they’d have totally gotten away with it by saying they were protecting their “land.”

I wore that hoodie tonight but I can never wear it without thinking about my dangerous trek into the neighbors’ yard. At night. With a hoodie on.



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