Random stuff heard around the house

Another Zombie Conversation

So we’re getting ready to go out for a while on Sunday and AMC was playing a marathon of The Walking Dead. I flipped over to it while I put on my makeup and we were at the part where the one guy considers shooting his wife. He has the gun in the attic propped on a chair.

Me: I couldn’t shoot her. She’s just sad looking, not scary.

Rich: Well, it’s the one time you could get away with shooting your wife.

Me: Yeah you’d probably shoot me. Then again, I might not be all sad and lost like his wife, I’d be all, “Rwarrrr!” and angry.

Rich: As opposed to?

As you can see, he considers me a mean zombie he’d shoot. I’ll have him know that if he gets bitten I’m locking him out and mocking him from the safety of my boarded up window.



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