Random stuff heard around the house

Short Conversations

Me: What do nudists do when it’s freezing cold outside?

Rich: I guess they do stuff indoors.

Me: Still….

And then later that night my Weatherbug is chirping like crazy. It just so happens to be freezing here in Florida.

Rich: What’s the Bug’s problem?

Me: Probably warning us hell froze over and my toes are going to fall off.

And last night we were watching Modern Family and at the part where some guy steals Phil’s parking spot.

Me: Hey, remember that time that guy stole your spot at Walmart and we got all mad but had to give it up cause he wasn’t going to back down and had this piece of crap car so we knew he’d hit us?

Rich: Yeah, he was an ass.

Me: Yeah but remember later we came back outside and his car was on fire and we didn’t even set the fire?

This really happened. It was a couple of years ago and this guy snaked our spot so we fought over it but let him win cause of his crappy car. We came out before them and his car was totally on fire. I kid you not! I have to admit that we laughed at it too.



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