Random stuff heard around the house

Caribou Conversations

Here is an oldie from my other blog. (Told you all, I recycle at times)

Tonight we were watching The Amazing Race and they were in the Arctic Circle. There was this caribou there and here is the conversation:

Me: How come that caribou has all those horns? There must be like 10 of them!

Rich: It’s a 6 Point Caribou.

Me: No it’s not, it’s not a deer! Those aren’t the same thing and you can’t trick me.

Rich: It is too, and you call yourself a southerner.

Me: I have seen heads mounted on walls and none of them had all those horns like the Antichrist or something. I bet that caribou is the Antichrist. Besides, we don’t hunt caribou in the south.

Rich: It is too, it’s not like a reindeer you know.

Me: I’m going to Google this later.



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