Random stuff heard around the house

Two Short Conversations

The first conversation is because I was making these wreaths for the Krewe auction and they sucked. So we decided to make centerpieces instead. The centerpieces came out beautiful. We made three; two for the auction and one for us.

Rich: I know why the wreaths sucked.

Me: Why is that?

Rich: They’re cheap wreaths; too bushy. These wreathes are as bushy as a 1970’s Playboy model.

The other conversation involves a fake boyfriend I had in high school that Rich ended up knowing because I had a picture of him and Rich went to school with him. That might not make sense actually. I had boyfriends in high school but was not allowed to go out after graduation with a friend to her condo. So I told her my boyfriend from NY was coming down instead of admitting I was not allowed out. The picture was from a cousin of a guy she went to school with. Just so happens we were cleaning out a bedroom about 10 years ago and he found the picture that said, “David from New York.” He’s like, “That’s **** that I went to school with! WTF?”

So fast forward to now. This guy is friends with me on Facebook, hence the ****’s for his name. He posts weird stuff. Like totally ambiguous status updates that no one can understand.

Me: **** makes no sense. I attract the weirdos even with a fake boyfriend. It’s like fake boyfriend fail.

He knows nothing of his fake status. We’re friends because he is friends with Rich and he seems pretty nice, just a little strange.



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