Random stuff heard around the house

Stinky Dog Conversation

Before we start, I have the sense of humor of a junior high school boy. So anything on this topic makes me get the giggles and snorts.

Rich: OMG which one of you dogs stunk up the room?

Me: I think it was Blitz…oh wait, it’s him, he’s smelling his butt.

Rich: Blitz!!

About this time Blitz high tails it out of the room.

Rich: OMG you stinky wh*re. You smell so bad it even made you leave the room!

At this point I burst into …yep, giggles and snorts. Between Blitz and Swan, it’s a good thing we have candles and air freshener in the house. Donner isn’t so bad but when he does do it, you hear it. That also sends me into fits of laughter.



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