Random stuff heard around the house

Some Short Conversations

Tonight while driving down the road and listening to the Sirius radio I changed it to the 70’s station.

Rich: Abba? Really? You do realize someone in the truck has testicles, right?

Earlier today while cleaning up for the new television and stand I found my dog’s baby tooth I’d saved.

Me: I can’t believe someone almost lost my dog tooth!

Late tonight after doing a ton of heavy work I noticed my poky thing where my intestines are was poking out. It’s after having surgery and the doctor told me that can happen from time to time and just to push it back in and it may need eventual surgery.

Me: Ugh! My guts are poking out. Come feel it.

Rich: I’m not touching your guts.


It’s under my skin just in case you thought my real guts were poking out. LOL It’s weird and I can’t explain it since it rarely happens.



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