Random stuff heard around the house

I Accept Conversation

We were at Publix and they had this awesome Gelato that was on sale and everyone seemed to be talking about it. I thought I’d try some and the bagger and the cashier started talking about it. I had been looking for something lower in calories since I’m trying to eat more healthy (I had Subway for dinner) and this has only 210 calories a serving, which is lower than some of the others but almost zero fat.

Bagger: Is it really good?

Cashier: Oh yes, I have some at home.

Bagger: Is it rich though?

Cashier: Yeah, you can’t eat the entire pint.

Me: I accept that challenge! (in perfect Neil Patrick Harris tone from How I Met Your Mother)

Later talking to Rich.

Me: Do you know how long I have waited to be able to say, “I accept your challenge” to someone?

On a side note, yes it’s delicious, yes it’s rich and no I did not eat the whole thing or even half. It’s called Talenti and you can see their fancy containers. The lid screws off!



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