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Shooting Salesmen Conversation

We have a security system, which you know about if you’ve read any of the other recent posts here. Well, our sign attracts competitors constantly. Let’s say we have Company A. Company B sees the sign and knows we have already felt we wanted a system so they stop by constantly to offer us a “better” deal. I see their thought process but in my opinion your best customers are new customers. Totally new. However, I see what they are doing. They are thinking that if we already went with one company then we are open to the idea of another. Regardless, we’ll have up to 7 of these guys (usually from ADT) stop by in a month. It’s annoying. One stopped by when Rich was home.

Rich: He want to sell us another system as usual. I told him we were not interested and they had nothing like we have anyway.

Me: They saw our sign.

Rich: I should shoot them on the lawn. You can do that in Florida.

Me: LOL No you can’t. You have to feel threatened for your life. You can’t just shoot salesmen.

Rich: I know but we’ll say he was eyeballing our system and we felt threatened.

Now this was all in jest but it cracked me up. It might not make you laugh but we did. I promise you we don’t just shoot folks. Zombies, yes. Salespeople, not yet.



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  1. I’d shoot zombies too. I’m considering shooting the people who come, completely uninivited, to tell me about investment opportunities, even though I’ve told them multiple times that I have an advisor and am happy with him. I’m also considering the people who knock on my door and ask me if I want to go to heaven. (Not yet, is my usual answer…). Of course they want me to look at their tracts, and I’ve found that saying I will if they’ll look at books about MY church is a good way to get rid of them, but at this point, I’d rather just shoot them, too. Or at the very least, set my dog on them. All illegal. (None of this will happen. It’s just a wish…)

    March 13, 2011 at 9:04 pm

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