Random stuff heard around the house

Short Conversations

Here are some shorts. No, not that kind. Remember the post about leg shaving?

Driving through the mall parking lot we see some workers putting out cones.

Rich: I accept your challenge!

One of our iPhone conversations:

Me: School is boring me but I be learning stuffs! (yes, I was texting in school like I was in high school except they didn’t have smart phones when I was in high school. I was duped!)

Rich: Hungary?

Me: Poland?

Rich: Stupid auto-correct. I mean are you hungry.

Rich: BTW, where is my crackhead “name withheld to protect the person who might read this” at?

Me: smoking crack?

Rich: True that.

Me: Hey, I did great on my test. I do not suck!

I so much feel like a teen when I text and get a reply that said, “True that.”

PS: I really do shave my legs.



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