Random stuff heard around the house

Some Short Conversations

Here are a few shorts.

Me: Rich why did you sweep the floor but not put it in a dustpan? Who does that?

Rich: I’ll get it later.

Me: That’s ridiculous, it’s like people that sweep dirt under the rug.

Rich: I didn’t realize I could do that.


Me to a friend: I need my hair cut, it looks like Aileen Wuornos from that movie, Monster. (I did get my hair cut and highlights so no more awful trashy hair)


We have some awards in frames on the wall in the dining room like my college degree, Rich’s military stuff, etc. So when we got our latest alarm system they send out a certificate for your insurance company. It looks like a degree.

Rich: You know you’re going to hang that on the wall like an award.

Me: Okay, that was a good one.


Me: The cat peed somewhere and it smells like Satan’s toes. (To elaborate, our house doesn’t smell like cat pee but he did pee on Swan’s bed so that had to be washed)




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