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I Had a Good One Conversation

I’ve been sick with a virus of sorts. Nausea, etc but if I get hungry it’s ten times worse. So Rich’s mom was taking me out for my belated birthday dinner tonight. I asked Rich about stopping at Target.

Me: I want to stop by Target and pick up the coupon stuff.

Rich: I want to eat first then go to Target.

Me: Well, if I get diarrhea it’s on you!

Me: Oh wait………….



Nazis Again Conversation

Tonight we were watching a new show about abandoned or forbidden places. It’s on The Travel Channel and it’s called Off Limits. So since I have an interest in that and run a site for it Abandoned Gulf Coast, I couldn’t wait to see it. So we start watching it and the last place they went was an abandoned Nazi compound in Los Angeles.

Rich: So that’s why you wanted to watch this show, it has Nazis.

Me: No, that was just an added bonus!

Just in case I need to clear this up, I do not condone Nazis or their behavior. In fact, if I were in the FBI or something and it was years ago I’d want to be a Nazi hunter. I even love shooting them in video games. I hate Nazis. I do however find that part of history fascinating; just not in a good way. But give me a movie about Nazis and I love to watch them as long as they are being taken down or shown as the monsters they are. There, I feel better that you all can better understand my fascination with this era in history.


A Couple of Short Conversations

Me: Are jackalopes real?

Rich: Yep

Me: No really, they’re fake right?

Rich: Nope, they’re real.

Me: Quit trying to fool me, I’ll Google it.

Rich: ……………….


Rich: *said something while we were watching Outsourced*

Me: Shhhh! I’m trying to find an ugly Indian woman. (we think Indian women are breathtakingly beautiful on average)

Rich: Good luck with that.

Me: For real.


Doggy Conversations

Here are some shorts just from this morning.

Rich: Which dog did I hit with the pillow this morning?

Me: I think it was Blitz.


Rich: Do not come in here and cough up stuff on my shoe!


Rich: That’s a whole lot of crazy coming down the hall. (Swan was in rare form today; laughing, running around with toys and being silly. Now she’s licking a chair leg though so go figure)


Rich: No dingbat, you cannot go in the bathroom and dump the trash. (Swan again, that seems to be her goal in life to dump the trash can)


I’m Not Even Sure What to File This Under Conversation

Today I was cleaning up some apps on Facebook and Rich asked me to clean his up. So I’m calling out apps no one has used in a year like “What kind of spirit animal are you” and other inane apps.

Me: Here’s one: What Disney Princess are you?

Rich: What? I never took that quiz, where did that come from?

Me: LOL I have no idea.

Rich: So which one was I?

Me: I already deleted it.

Rich: This better not go on Heard at Home.

Me: ………………


Uncensored Conversation

I almost just took a photo of my text conversation and uploaded it but I was too lazy. Instead, I am typing it out, which isn’t quite lazy at all. So there!

Mel: Do you know what they call a slutty girl now?

Me: What?

Mel: A hot pocket.

Me: ROFL that’s funny cause that’s what Rich eats for lunch. It gives a whole new meaning to him going out to lunch.

Mel: Are you sure that’s what he means?

Me: ROFL Yes because I eat them too.

Mel: You guys are kinky.

You’d have to know Melissa. She’s the one person that can say something totally offensive and I’ll find it hilarious.


Google Conversation

Me: You know, Google picked the worst time to redo their algorithms because that’s how come I was short on my page views for B____H____. (name not included just in case that’s an issue with anyone there where I work) Now I don’t get my article limits lifted for another month. They had the worst timing for me.

Rich: Did you get Screw-Gled?

Me: Why yes I did!

Just so you know, I was 3 page views short. THREE!