Random stuff heard around the house

Nazis Again Conversation

Tonight we were watching a new show about abandoned or forbidden places. It’s on The Travel Channel and it’s called Off Limits. So since I have an interest in that and run a site for it Abandoned Gulf Coast, I couldn’t wait to see it. So we start watching it and the last place they went was an abandoned Nazi compound in Los Angeles.

Rich: So that’s why you wanted to watch this show, it has Nazis.

Me: No, that was just an added bonus!

Just in case I need to clear this up, I do not condone Nazis or their behavior. In fact, if I were in the FBI or something and it was years ago I’d want to be a Nazi hunter. I even love shooting them in video games. I hate Nazis. I do however find that part of history fascinating; just not in a good way. But give me a movie about Nazis and I love to watch them as long as they are being taken down or shown as the monsters they are. There, I feel better that you all can better understand my fascination with this era in history.



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