Random stuff heard around the house

Interwebz Conversation

So I’m talking to Rich and I say:

Me: Do you know something that you say that drives me nuts?

Rich: What?

Me: You say offline instead of online.

Rich: What?

Me: Like that guy asked you where you get the restaurant discounts and you said they got them offline. It’s online, not offline. Sure, it’s not as bad as the interline that I’ve heard someone say but it’s still not right.

Rich: Good Lord, who cares. I don’t make fun of you.

Me: Yes, you do. Every time I talk you make fun of my accent so we’re even.

So a few minutes later…..

Rich: You should have sent us some ice cream or something today after having to work in the heat.

Me: Now how exactly would I do that? Oh wait, I could have ordered something offline!

Rich: I need to change the oil tomorrow, can I use your head as a prop to hold the truck in place?



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