Random stuff heard around the house

Helping a Friend Conversation

So I was talking to my friend and she was spending the night at the beach and even showering there. She lives a few states away so it’s not like she could stay with us. 😦

Me: Awww, now you’re like a homeless person. 😦

Her: No I’m not. I’m just taking some “me” time for a day or two.

Me: You’re like Jennifer Connelly in House of Sand and Fog. She had to shower at the beach and all when she lost her house. Have you seen it? It’s really depressing.

Her: Thanks a lot. I need happy movies to watch.

Me: Okay what about The Sound of Music? Oh wait, that had Nazis and stuff.

Her: Geez thanks Kim. Isn’t that the movie with the family trying to escape from the Nazis?

Me: Okay, my bad.



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