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Prison Yard Conversation

Driving by a house with a weight set in the yard.

Me: Do you think people that have those in the yard actually use them or do they just store them there?

Rich: I’m not sure.

Me: Well, I know they have them in prison yards and people work out there.

Rich: Are you saying that people with a weight set in the yard were in prison?

Me: No, I’m just saying they do have those in yards.



Do Not Drink Conversation

Rich had this bottle of half empty Gator Aid on the dining room table.

Me: Do you want this or is it trash.

Rich: No, keep that, it’s for the pool.

Me: Huh?

Rich: It’s some of that clarifying stuff that makes the pool look sparkly.

Me: Okay, I was going to taste it; good thing I didn’t.


The English Coversation

I was doing an article and most of my articles are for UK based companies lately. So I ask Rich…

Me: What is a Shire anyway? I know they had tons in Lord of the Rings. I’ll Google it.

So I Google it and find out it is similar to a county in the US. So if I live in Bay County, in England it’d be Bay Shire. (I think)

Me: They confuse me over in the UK.

Rich: I think they were there first actually.

Me: Well, then why not keep the words the same when the Pilgrims came over?

Rich: They wanted to be separate from all that they left.

Me: That doesn’t mean they have to go around making up new words.


Hotel California Conversation

We were driving home and Hotel California came on the radio.

Rich: What exactly are colitas? (in reference to, “Warm smell of colitas, rising up through the air.”

Me: I always thought it was some kind of food.

Rich: Then why don’t they have it at Taco Bell?

Me: Good questions; I’ll look it up.

Later that night………..

Me: Oh lord! Colitas means “small tail” in Spanish and is a common term for the bud of a cannabis plant. They were singing about marijuana!

Rich: That explains why it’s not at Taco Bell although I dare you to call and ask.


Short Conversations

Here are a couple of goodies. (twice I typed googies)

Me: I hate the way I sound on the phone. I heard a taped message and it sounds like I have marbles in my mouth.

Rich: What’d you say?

Me: I said that………..oh wait. Real funny, smart ass.


We were putting some groceries in our truck at Walmart and some teenagers walked by.

Teen: Look at that rich guy’s truck

Me: Yeah right, if they only knew!


People That Just Don’t Get It Conversation

I was talking to Rich earlier and was telling him about this new site that had reviews that were funny and shared one about Chic Fil A. When I was done he was trying to say the person that did the review was stupid.

Me: It was funny; that was the entire point of his post…a funny review.

Rich: That’s not even funny, it was stupid.

Me: Just because you didn’t get it doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

Rich: I’ll tell you what’s funny. We have people at work that can’t log into the WiFi at their room and I called tech support for them and do you know what they were doing? Where it said “enter your room number” the people actually typed “your room number.” The words, just like that. Now that’s funny.

Me: Okay, I admit that is.