Random stuff heard around the house

People That Just Don’t Get It Conversation

I was talking to Rich earlier and was telling him about this new site that had reviews that were funny and shared one about Chic Fil A. When I was done he was trying to say the person that did the review was stupid.

Me: It was funny; that was the entire point of his post…a funny review.

Rich: That’s not even funny, it was stupid.

Me: Just because you didn’t get it doesn’t mean it’s not funny.

Rich: I’ll tell you what’s funny. We have people at work that can’t log into the WiFi at their room and I called tech support for them and do you know what they were doing? Where it said “enter your room number” the people actually typed “your room number.” The words, just like that. Now that’s funny.

Me: Okay, I admit that is.



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