Random stuff heard around the house

No Fur Conversations

I’m doing an article on fur boots for one of the companies I write for. I am including faux fur and real fur only as a choice for those that want to read about it.

Me: These Fendi boots are over $1700 in American money and £1100 in UK money and they are raccoon fur. They don’t even say if the raccoons are treated humanely or if they are killed for the fur.

Rich: How do you think they get the fur from the raccoon?

Me: Maybe they shear them.

Rich: They only shear sheep as far as I know.

Me: Does this mean my rabbit fur coat in the 80’s caused bunny deaths? 😦

PS do not try to look this up and see for yourself or you’ll only see awful sites from PETA that you don’t want to hear about. In my defense, I didn’t know about bunnies dying in the 80’s for my pimpin’ jacket.



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