Random stuff heard around the house

Cyber Conversations

Lately I’ve had a few guys from foreign countries friend me on Facebook. I’m an equal opportunity friender because I rarely ignore anyone and will add them for a while. Seems though, they all want to cyber.

Here’s a conversation (loosely) I had recently and I combined a couple to save time.

Them: Hi

Me: Hi

Them: What are you doing

Me: nothing much

Them: Do you eat rice?

Me: (in my head I’m saying WTF) yes

Them: do you want to be close friends

Me: I don’t really know you

Them: What is your name

Me: You friended me, you should know my name

Them: Do you talk on yahoo? can I have your email? We talk close there

Me: No thanks.

I mean, really?



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