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Short Conversations

Rich: I’m confused about something

Me: it’s not about the Internet again is it?


Me: Apollo 18 doesn’t look good to me. It is too black and white looking. 

Rich: it’s not like the moon is full of vivid colors. 


Math Conversation

We were headed to Port Canaveral and were passing through St Augustine.

Me: it was founded in 1565. That’s like what, 5000 years?

Rich: are you kidding me?

Me: wait, more like 500 years.

Rich: “…………

Shoes Conversation

There is a disclaimer that all of these were ran past my friend that is black and she thought the shoe conversation was hilarious so there is no ill will or hatred meant in this but yes, I had this conversation.

Me: Rich, help me find my sandals before we go out because my feet hurt. (the dogs push them under the sofa and I lose them)

Rich: I only see the lizard ones and one of each of the other two. Which ones do you want?

Me: The lizard ones hurt my feet. Just give me the blacks or the Mexicans. Oh Lord, that sounded like I was hiring someone.

(one pair is black and the other pair I got in Mexico)



Bad Nuts Conversation

Rich: Why didn’t we use these almonds in our stuffing?

Me: I dunno but those candied walnuts were sure yummy.

Rich: Here, taste them. See if they are still okay.

Me: OMG those taste like plastic furniture. Ack. Pbbbbt.

Rich: Yuck, you’re right.

Me: What’d you do, taste them in solidarity? I already told you they were bad.

Rich: Solidarity? I’m not Nelson Mandella.