Random stuff heard around the house

Amazon Conversation

I’ve always been fascinated by the Amazon (no, not the one I get neat gifts from) and last night we were watching The River so that inspired me to look up trips to the Amazon.

Me: These are not that expensive.

Rich: Yeah but you have to find your way there.

Me: True. Is a visa the same as a passport?

Rich: No, those are those special ones where they can just say no to you.

Me: Okay then, Brazil is out. We’ll just go to Peru or Ecuador. Did you know there are thousands of fruits in the Amazon that we have never tried here in the West? We only have like 200 of them.

Rich: We’d probably get to try the Durian or something.

Me: True. It also says that Malaria and Yellow Fever shots are recommended. Plus, they have night trips and you have to bring a lighted hat. Think I’ll pass on the whole night in the jungle thing.

Me: I do want to see some natives that have never seen other people. They’d be like, “Hula Hula.”

Rich: WTF




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