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Inadvertently Offending Someone’s Family Conversation

I was talking on Facebook with a friend from high school that I haven’t talked to in years. We got on the subject of horror and I’ll just kind of cut and paste this conversation exactly as it happened.

Me: and ps if dean koontz adds another sickly sweet super smart kid to his books i plan to do more than criticize lol

Aaron: lkr and plz get rid of the damn white van in evry story…Jeez

Me: LOL true

Aaron: there are other colors

Me: ha and other vehicles i mean really, who drives a van these days?

Aaron: anything changed would be nice

Me: pedophiles from 1978 lol that’s who still drives a van

Aaron: Great I will let my dad know LOL

Misunderstanding Conversation

Rich and I were watching this special on human trafficking on Lifetime. Actually, I wanted to watch it, he just came along for the ride. Anyway, they were telling about this one lady that had gotten out of jail and was living with her two boys.

Rich: I was thinking, “Why would anyone name their kid Two.”

Me: Huh?

Rich: They said that she was now living with her two boys, one and two but I thought they said, “She is now living with her two boys, Juan and Two.”

Me: Bahahahahaha!