Random stuff heard around the house

Scammer Conversations

Me: I get the weirdest spam. It’s so odd I actually enjoy reading it. This one says, “Check out this Judy photo and find me on facebook if you had ever seen something alike!!!”

Rich: WTF does that even mean?

Me: Did you read the News Herald one about the grandma that got scammed? Her supposed grandson called her from Dominican Republic and he was in the hospital, etc and she sent $3000.

Rich: Where are these people anyway that can just pull $3000 out of their ass to pay some scammer? I’m sure there are grandchildren they could spend that money on to buy a pony or something.

Me: You know ****hidden to protect the person** would argue with them and be all like, “You’re where” I don’t know where that even is. You know I need that money for bills.


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