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Thread Count Conversation

We were watching TV and this infomercial came on for a gel bed. It’s not memory foam, it’s some kind of gel. They showed this deal that if you order now you get free sheets – a $1500 value.

Me: What kind of thread count are those sheets if they’re worth $1500? They must be like 2000 thread count!

Rich: Don’t we have 2000 thread count sheets?

Me: Are you kidding? We have 800 thread count sheets. I don’t even think there is a 2000 thread count sheet.

Rich: Wait, didn’t we have 1800 thread count sheets?

Me: No, now you are just making up thread counts.

Rich: Maybe it was 1400 thread count sheets.

Me: ………….


Smiting Conversation

I was helping do the DNS settings on Rich’s laptop and I got annoyed that he tried to print out the instructions rather than just tab back and forth. I’ve had a cold so I started coughing.

Rich: That’s God smiting you for being so mean.

Me: What’d you do to piss him off so that he made you stupid?

(okay that sounds awful but he actually started laughing – it was all in good fun)

Canada Conversation

I had taped a couple of shows on BIO TV about Killer Kids. BTW, do you still say taped if it’s a DVR? Anyway, we start watching them and they’re all in Canada.

Me: WTF, why are all of these in Canada? This is boring.

Rich: I’m glad you said that cause I hate it.

Me: Honestly, if it’s not Degrassi, Canada bores me.

Rich: What? LOL

Me: *turns off show and erases it* That’s it, I’m done with Canada.