Random stuff heard around the house

Not Your Girlfriend Conversation

We had some errands to do this afternoon and one of them was at CVS. There was a truck parked across from us with a huge chalk writing that said, “RON PAUL 2012.” I was about to make a comment about how I didn’t think that was going to happen when the driver got out of the truck. Said driver looked quite good from the back and Rich made a comment about him being the guy from So You Think You Can Dance.

Me: I’m not sure, I can only see from the back.

As we walk into the store he’d forgotten something and was heading back by us. He smiled and…

me: Not bad at all! (in my head I’m saying, “OMG OMG he’s hot.”)

Rich: I am not your girlfriend, you do not have to tell me.

Me: But he does look like a dancer don’t you think?

Rich: Again, not your girlfriend. (In my head, “Oh Lawd)



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