Random stuff heard around the house

Chilvary is Dead Conversation

So we are getting ready to head out to the beach to check out Tropical Storm Debbie and since I slept late, it’s already pouring. Rich got himself a jacket and headed to the truck. When I opened the door too, the rain was coming down in buckets so I grabbed a jacket too. When I got in the truck I saw a second jacket. Later we were at the pier and got ready to leave and he used the second jacket to cover up the camera bag.

Me: Wait a minute, did you really leave without getting me a jacket?

Rich: I thought you’d grab one.

Me: And did you really grab a jacket just for the camera bag?? Really? You didn’t get me one but you got the camera bag a jacket? Are you kidding me?

Rich: The camera can get damaged in the rain, you won’t.

Me: OMG!



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