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Spanish Conversation

Rich: I guess you used all of the rest of the cheese for the grits the other night, right?

Me: Oh darn, yeah sorry about that. Oh wait, there’s some Queso Blanco cheese in the fridge.

Rich: Really? (sarcastic reply)

Me: What’s wrong with that? It’s that special Mexican cheese.

Rich: Are you kidding? You do know what Queso Blanco means, right?

Me: Oh wait, queso equals cheese and blanco is white. Hey wait, it’s just regular old white cheese? I thought it was special Mexican cheese.

Rich: ……………………..


After Death Conversation

We were watching a movie, well actually it was The Descendants with George Clooney. There is a part with some ashes being spread so here is the conversation. Mostly locals will get the humor in this one.

Me: When I die maybe you can spread my ashes in the Bahamas. You can take a cruise by yourself so it won’t be that expensive.

Rich: Or I can simply spread them out over at the Southport bridge.

Me: You suck. Just for that I’m spreading yours out at the West Bay bridge.

I may have those backwards but you get the drift, especially if you live around here.