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….Or It Didn’t Happen Conversation

I had just cleaned the oven and went to put the racks back in when Rich thought I’d put them in wrong. As he walked by to pick the other up, he caught his leg on the stove door and bent a piece.

Me: Geez, I clean the oven and you tear it up.

Rich: It cut my leg too!

Me: Sorry, let me see.

Rich: Well, it scratched it.

Me: That’s not a cut, there’s not even any blood.

Rich: Oh I see, you want to see blood or it didn’t happen.

Me: You got that right.

The oven is fixed again and best of all, it’s clean inside after the 4 1/2 hour self-cleaning.


Under the Dome Conversation

Rich: Come look – they’re doing something down the street.

I see orange lights, all kinds of trucks and equipment, etc and it’s storming outside.

Me: I wonder what they are doing down there with all of that equipment and stuff.

Rich: Maybe they’re closing us in. They have signs and tape. This better not be some of that Under the Dome crap.