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Meth Cooker Conversation

So our vet wants us to give our dogs Benadryl since they have allergies so Walmart has the off-brand for 88 cents each. We bought ten of them a week or two ago. Tonight we were watching Breaking Bad again from the beginning.

Rich: Wonder why they didn’t say anything about all of that Benedryl we bought.

Me: Because that’s not the kind with the D in it or the psuedo whatever that you get behind the counter.

Rich: Oh, that’s right. Makes sense.

Me: I was just hoping someone didn’t think we were meth cookers who didn’t know what we were doing and we looked stupid.


Dog Conversation

Rich went to let Swan out and Donner sat down beside him pretty as you please.

Rich: What do you want, Donner?

Donner: just stares….

Rich: Do you want to go out with Swan?

Donner: just stares….

Rich: You can go outside if you want, boy.

Donner: just stares…

then slowly looks at the canister of dog treats, back at Rich, back at the biscuits, back at Rich.

Rich: Well, now I know what you want.

Kool Aid Conversation

We were watching something and they had a retro Kool Aid guy or maybe I read about it. Either way…

Me: Hey, hey, hey

Rich: That’s not Fat Albert

Me: Doesn’t the Kool Aid guy say, “Hey, hey, hey” too?

Rich: Nope

Selling Nuts Conversation

Rich: Did you read about that guy who sold his nut to science?

Me: No, was there something special about his nut they wanted to research?

Rich: I have no idea.

Me: I would totally sell your nut.

Rich: Yeah but that’d be all of my money, not yours.

Me: Why? I set up the sale and all!

Rich: Well,l I hope they at least hooked him up with a neuticle or something.