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Good Deeds Conversation

Tonight I decided to trim Swan’s hair (she’s a pekingese) and give her a bath. Due to her long hair, she tends to get knots so I tried to tackle one of those first, then she pooped on me while doing so.

Me to Rich: See what happens when you try to do something good for someone? You get sh*t on.

She’s a dog, not a someone human but you get the gist. Alas, this hair cutting will commence again tomorrow. By the way, I just trimmed her hair a few weeks ago.


Pennies from Heaven Conversation

I was sweeping up some trash and picked up a penny.

Rich: What did you pick out of the trash?

Me: A penny.

Rich: You wasted more time picking that up than what it’s worth.

Me: I just read the other day that if you see a penny on the floor it was sent by an angel and means they are watching over you.

Rich: …………..

Me: Seriously, this means an angel is looking out for me.

Rich: My angel needs to start dropping some twenties then.

Logic Conversation

Me: Into the storm is playing at the Regency and Pier Park. 

Rich: I’m not going to the Regency. 

Me: But we will have to fight the crowds of tourists at Pier Park. 

Rich: No one is here. 

Me: Why not, it’s August?

Rich: Look at the security cameras at work, no one is here, the parking lot is empty. 

Me: Maybe they are all at the movies.