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Donald Duck Conversation

Rich: Do I have work clothes for tomorrow?

Me: I’ve got to do laundry but I know you have a work shirt in there so you’re good for one more day.

Rich: I have no pants though; I’m not Donald Duck – I think they’d have a problem with me going to work without pants.


Fancy Home and Technology Conversations

We were passing by this old greenhouse….

Me: Those are so neat; if I had a mansion I’d have a greenhouse like the one in The Hand That Rocks the Cradle. I’d definitely have a pool, of course. Maybe a tennis court.

Rich: Nah, I wouldn’t.

Me: Oh, and definitely an indoor gym. Yeah, for sure.

Rich: As opposed to an outdoor prison gym? Who has an outdoor gym?

Me: I’m so going to post that on Heard at Home. I’ll send myself an email.

Rich: You can tell Siri to send a note, you know. You don’t use your phone right.

Me: Says the person who still uses AOL and Internet Explorer