Random stuff heard around the house


Biology Conversation (or is that zoology?)

Rich and I were talking about rabies and stuff.

Rich: They are having free rabies vaccinations here. We should take the dogs and get their shots updated.

Me: I know. With all the squirrels, possums, and birds they chase around like doves and stuff it’d be a good idea.

Rich: When have you known a bird to have rabies?

Me: Bats!

Rich: Bats aren’t birds you idiot. Bats are mammals.

Me: I know, I just wasn’t thinking.

Rich: Did you even take biology in school?

Me: I took it, failed it and retook it.

Rich: You were high during the entire high school years, weren’t you?



Critter conversations

We had a doggie party to attend yesterday and our four legged friends were invited too. We opted not to bring them because the twins can be wild and Swan likes to nip at others. So as I am getting ready the twins start fighting.

Me: And that’s why you can’t go to the party!

Later that night I go to pet our quaker, Callie and he bit at me.

Me: Don’t bite me

Callie: You okay?

See, it’s not just conversations with Rich that are amusing to me.