Random stuff heard around the house


Crazy numbers conversation

I was talking to Rich because I called Carnival about our refund for our shore excursion that we had to cancel. They told me we had been refunded on March 11th, which I never saw.

Me: I check the bank every day and I never saw that deposit but sure enough, there it was.

Rich: Well, at least we go it. Doesn’t your checkbook not balance now?

Me: Well, I added in the refund amount and it is correct now. I just don’t see how I didn’t see that. I think it’s because when I look at numbers they look all crazy to me.

Rich: …………



Cruise Conversations

Rich: Did you get the article I sent you about the cruise ship that was damaged in the wind at Port Canaveral?

Me: Yeah I did, pretty wild.

Rich: I don’t know why he dropped the anchors though.

Me: Maybe that’s what you do in that situation I thought I read.

Rich: I wouldn’t have.

Me: That’s why you’re not a boat captain.