Random stuff heard around the house


Guns and Meth Heads Conversation

We’ve been wanting to go out to this remote area in the county so we can try to get milky way photos. Or is it photos of the galaxy? Regardless, it’s the awesome sky photos with all of the stars and colors.

Me: I wish we could bring a gun to that area when we go.

Rich: Why?

Me: What if we encounter something like meth heads or ghosts? Or zombies?

Rich: A gun won’t work on a ghost.

Me: I do still have my pepper spray that works.

Rich: I do not want to get that close to a meth head to spray them in the face with pepper spray. Not to mention if it’s windy and it ends up in our eyes.

Me: That’s why we take the gun.

Rich: We could always bring a baseball bat.

Me: Which still won’t work on a ghost.


Ghost or Satan Cat Conversation

Rich: Dammit to hell, is the cat in the fish tank again? (this would be in the cabinet not the actual tank itself)

Me: Why?

Rich: Something just sneezed and the door opened a bit then closed.

Me: That or we have a ghost with allergies.


Ghosts Conversation

So we have this awesome security system and the video camera takes a video when the front door is opened. So most of it is us going in and out which you can delete off of your master panel. Yep, we have a freaking master panel! Anyway, the other night a video clip shows up at like 5:00 AM.

Me: Rich, there was a video clip at 5 am and I watched it cause I know no one went in or out at that time so I was looking for ghosts! I watched the whole thing and the door never opened so I wonder why it took it? Plus, I was thinking that if I DID see a ghost I’d run get you and freak out and when you’d come watch the video it wouldn’t be there and you’d think I was crazy.

Rich: ……….