Random stuff heard around the house


Helping a Friend Conversation

So I was talking to my friend and she was spending the night at the beach and even showering there. She lives a few states away so it’s not like she could stay with us. 😦

Me: Awww, now you’re like a homeless person. 😦

Her: No I’m not. I’m just taking some “me” time for a day or two.

Me: You’re like Jennifer Connelly in House of Sand and Fog. She had to shower at the beach and all when she lost her house. Have you seen it? It’s really depressing.

Her: Thanks a lot. I need happy movies to watch.

Me: Okay what about The Sound of Music? Oh wait, that had Nazis and stuff.

Her: Geez thanks Kim. Isn’t that the movie with the family trying to escape from the Nazis?

Me: Okay, my bad.



Nazis Again Conversation

Tonight we were watching a new show about abandoned or forbidden places. It’s on The Travel Channel and it’s called Off Limits. So since I have an interest in that and run a site for it Abandoned Gulf Coast, I couldn’t wait to see it. So we start watching it and the last place they went was an abandoned Nazi compound in Los Angeles.

Rich: So that’s why you wanted to watch this show, it has Nazis.

Me: No, that was just an added bonus!

Just in case I need to clear this up, I do not condone Nazis or their behavior. In fact, if I were in the FBI or something and it was years ago I’d want to be a Nazi hunter. I even love shooting them in video games. I hate Nazis. I do however find that part of history fascinating; just not in a good way. But give me a movie about Nazis and I love to watch them as long as they are being taken down or shown as the monsters they are. There, I feel better that you all can better understand my fascination with this era in history.


Holocaust Conversation (Add Zombies cause that’s how we roll)

So I was telling Rich about an article I got that I couldn’t wait to write; the top 10 Holocaust movies. So he is trying to help me think of movies and I get it, this is my genre that I love, not him. So I tell him what I have, which is:

  1. Schindler’s List
  2. Holocaust
  3. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
  4. Sophie’s Choice
  5. The Devil’s Arithmetic
  6. Life is Beautiful
  7. The Pianist
  8. The Reader
  9. Defiance
  10. Sunshine

But before I came to the last two (I’ve seen 1 through 8 and the last two are on my queue at Netflix), Rich thought he’d add some help.

Rich: What about the one with that guy you like with the big nose?

Me: Adrien Brody?

Rich: Yes!

Me: The Pianist? I have that.

Rich: The Pianist was a Holocaust movie?

Me: Where the hell were you when we watched it? Of course it is.

Rich: Fine. What about that movie you love, the one with the snow and zombies?

Me: OMG Do you mean Dead Snow?

Rich: Yeah that’s it.

Me: Okay, no way am I adding a zombie movie to my Holocaust list. And anyway, it’s not about the Holocaust, it just has zombie Nazis in it.

Hey, at least he tried to help. And we were not making fun of Adrien Brody’s nose either. I happen to think he’s cute; nose and all.

PS my favorites on this list are:

I wonder if I can count The Sound of Music? Cause that would surely be a favorite. I guess not really.


Who’s Right Conversation

Last night we were headed to Walmart and stopped at a red light. The car in front of us was slow and Rich asked if he should blow his horn (jokingly because it was a police car)…

Me: Oh, it’s a cop. I guess not

Rich: No worse, it’s a state trooper. They’re like the Storm Troopers of law enforcement.

Me: They’re like Nazis?

Rich: What are you talking about? Storm Troopers are in Star Wars.

Me: I thought they were Nazis. I’m pretty sure they’re Nazis.

Rich: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Me: I’m gonna post this cause it’s pretty funny.

Rich: You’re the one that is going to look stupid.

Me: No I’m not, it’s funny.

Later that night…..

Me: Hey Rich, Storm Troopers are also Nazis! Booyah! I looked it up and it’s a popular search it seems. Now who is right?