Random stuff heard around the house


Time Conversation

Rich was talking to a sort of co-worker at work and was discussing the new year.

Rich: We’ll probably go out to Pier Park and watch the ball drop, etc.

Person: What time are they having all of that?

Rich: Well, the fireworks and ball drop is at midnight of course.

Person: Why are they doing it that late? I’ll be in bed!

Rich: Um, that’s when the new year is……….



No Job For You Conversation

A friend of Melissa’s went to get a job at Netflix. BTW, I’d love to work at Netflix I think. I know we have one locally but I have no idea where it is or when they hire. It’s all one big secret like they are scared someone will shoot up the place because their movie is scratched. Anyway, here’s a conversation that was hilarious.

Melissa: My friend went to get a job at Netflix and they told him to tell them what he knew about Netflix. So he says, “I know y’all have those red boxes everywhere.”

Netflix: That’s not us.

Needless to say, he did not get the job.


Sensitive Matters Conversation

Today Rich’s boss sent him to Office Depot to pick up something of a sensitive matter. Rich went to the oldest person working there.

Store guy: Can I help you find something?

Rich: Um, well….(stutters) yeah I hate to really ask but it’s sort of embarrassing.

Store guy: Well, I don’t think we sell that kind of thing here.

Rich: I know but I have to be sure.

Store guy: Well, what is it?

Rich: (stutters) I need ……cassette tapes.

Store guy: (laughs) I can see why you would be embarrassed. Let’s see if we can find some for you.

The cassette tapes were found and everyone was happy in the end. TDK’s even!



Google Conversation

Me: You know, Google picked the worst time to redo their algorithms because that’s how come I was short on my page views for B____H____. (name not included just in case that’s an issue with anyone there where I work) Now I don’t get my article limits lifted for another month. They had the worst timing for me.

Rich: Did you get Screw-Gled?

Me: Why yes I did!

Just so you know, I was 3 page views short. THREE!