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Blurred Lines Conversation

So, I was giving our dog Swan her medicine. You have to squirt it in her mouth and there’s three of them. After I got done…

Me: Good girl!

Rich: You’re a good girl…..(sung like Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines)

Me: You know you want it, I know you want it



Adam and Eve Conversation

So we were talking about a trip to New Orleans and Rich was right about where something was. I can’t remember the whole thing but he was joking around saying I lied or women lie or something but it was totally in fun and made me laugh.

Rich: Remember, Eve is the one that lied to Adam and got him in trouble.

Me: I don’t think she lied per se but anyway, Adam could have refused. He could make up his own mind and not eat the apple.

Rich: Yeah but she’s the one with the T&A so he did what she wanted.


Fluffer Conversation

I was helping out a friend with some articles that are purely fluff, made up pieces if you will. They’re for a certain client that loves them and I like doing them sometimes because they’re easy – you just make up stuff.

Melissa: I don’t know how you do it – you’re like a genius with this crap.

Me: I’m a super fluffer – and not the porno kind.