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Not the Right P

We were putting some photos in a weekly themed batch on a group page on Facebook.

Rich: You could use the peacock and I’ll use the P51 Mustang from the air show.

later that night…….

Me: Where is the phone you want of the P51? I’m scrolling through them.

Rich: Slow down

Me: I’m not to the cars yet.

Rich: It’s not a car, you moron. It’s a plane.

Me: No wonder I couldn’t find it.


Lifetime Warning Conversation

Was talking to Mel about a guy she might like and I’ll have to change some of the conversation but here’s the gist of it.

Mel: Well, he does have some issues in his past.

Me: I’d go for it – just be cautious and all that.

Mel: I know, but he’s supposedly much better.

Me: Well, just don’t end up being a Lifetime movie.