Random stuff heard around the house


DJ Conversation

We were at Sam’s Club tonight and they had this DJ set up where you could mix your own music. It had lights and all kinds of neat stuff.

Me: We could totally get that and open our own business. We’d call it DJ Kim and Rocking Rich. I’d get one of those electronic mouse heads too!

Rich: …………..


Ring Tone Conversations

I was trying to watch something and Rich kept playing music on his laptop.

Me: Do you have to do that and why are you playing the theme to Sanford and Son anyway?

Rich: I’m thinking of using it as a ringtone.

Me: Really. And who will be the black junkyard owner that gets the ring tone?

Rich: You can give me Melissa’s number.

**disclaimer** Melissa is fully aware of this conversation, loved it and gave her blessing to use it. In fact, she encourages me all the time to do an uncensored version of this blog but I haven’t quite gotten the nerve yet. This is due in part to those that read it will probably tell me sure, I can’t wait to read it, nothing offends me. They don’t even know! LOL


Music Conversations

We’re headed home listening to some music on Sirius XM the Boneyard, which plays retro rock. This song comes on by YES called Hold On.

Me: OMG I haven’t heard that song in years and it’s like my favorite YES song. Wow!

Rich: Can you believe my dad bought Pink Floyd?

Me: Nope!

So the conversation keeps going a while.

Me: When I was younger we’d go every weekend to either my Granddad’s house in Ebro or my Uncle Clinzy’s house in Freeport and both are like so far away. So sometimes my dad would choose the radio station and it was always bluegrass. I hated it and would throw a tantrum.

Rich: Didn’t you have a walkman or something?

Me: Not back then; later though.

Rich: My parents always dragged me to stuff like Mel Tillis or what’s the Mexican guy?

Me: You mean Freddy Fender?

Rich: That’s it!

Me: I’ll be there before the next teardrop falls.

Rich: Yes, that’s him. We met all those people.

Me: I actually like Freddy Fender’s music. I met Porter Wagoner. Oh and those monkeys that ride the tiny dogs at the rodeo.

Rich: …………..