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No Fur Conversations

I’m doing an article on fur boots for one of the companies I write for. I am including faux fur and real fur only as a choice for those that want to read about it.

Me: These Fendi boots are over $1700 in American money and £1100 in UK money and they are raccoon fur. They don’t even say if the raccoons are treated humanely or if they are killed for the fur.

Rich: How do you think they get the fur from the raccoon?

Me: Maybe they shear them.

Rich: They only shear sheep as far as I know.

Me: Does this mean my rabbit fur coat in the 80’s caused bunny deaths? 😦

PS do not try to look this up and see for yourself or you’ll only see awful sites from PETA that you don’t want to hear about. In my defense, I didn’t know about bunnies dying in the 80’s for my pimpin’ jacket.



No One Rides for Free Conversation

I was talking to Melissa and she had met a guy at the library who asked her out to lunch.

Mel: So we get finished eating our McDonalds food and he actually asked me if I wanted to go to his place and work the food off. When I said “huh” he asked if I wanted to squeak the bedsprings.

Me: Oh no he didn’t!

Mel: Yes he did and for McDonalds! I didn’t even get a value meal.

Me: For that he could have at least took you to Outback or bought you dessert.


Harry Potter Conversation

Me: I was watching the J.K. Rowling story the other night and it was excellent but I thought of you.

Mel: Why?

Me: They said that every 30 seconds a person starts a Harry Potter book for the first time. And I was thinking that the only people that I know that haven’t read the Harry Potter books are fundamentalist Christians and you.


Sensitive Conversation

I was working on a website and had this conversation with Rich.

Me: I need to figure out a way to tell the client that they do not want to use this certain phrase.

Rich: What is it?

Me: Teen facials. They totally don’t want that phrase to show up as their keywords.

**the client knows this now and knew they didn’t want that phrase either so we figured it out. She had also wondered how to approach the subject with me. LOL

Ring Tone Conversations

I was trying to watch something and Rich kept playing music on his laptop.

Me: Do you have to do that and why are you playing the theme to Sanford and Son anyway?

Rich: I’m thinking of using it as a ringtone.

Me: Really. And who will be the black junkyard owner that gets the ring tone?

Rich: You can give me Melissa’s number.

**disclaimer** Melissa is fully aware of this conversation, loved it and gave her blessing to use it. In fact, she encourages me all the time to do an uncensored version of this blog but I haven’t quite gotten the nerve yet. This is due in part to those that read it will probably tell me sure, I can’t wait to read it, nothing offends me. They don’t even know! LOL